Beijing street fashion, Ms. Yao and Ms. Wu


Ms. Yao and Ms. Wu are university students from Qinghuangdao, Hebei Province, visiting Beijing for a day.



They bought their shoes together; for 30 RMB per pair at the popular and cheap clothes market near Beijing Zoo.


Ms. Wu’s T-shirt was a gift from friends. Ms. Yao’s white shirt is old.  The handbag was brought from home, the price is about 15 RMB. Their bracelets cost around 10 RMB each.

Beijing street fashion, Mary Zhao


Ms. Zhao works for a fashion design & modeling company



She bought her clothes at the huge and very popular market near the Beijing Zoo.



T-shirt for 30 RMB

Bag for 150 RMB

Pants for 60 RMB

Scarf for 30 RMB

Shoes for 150 RMB

Beijing street fashion, Ms. Zhang Chen

Personal data: Ms. Zhang Chen is a secretary.



Clothes: Zhang Chen bought the clothes herself. No famous brands, she bought the clothes at the Zoo market (the biggest and one of the cheapest clothes markets in Beijing).


All together she paid around 600RMB for the clothes she is wearing and the shoes were 400 RMB.