Beijing, The price of vegetables



A woman selling tomatoes on a market in MaLianDao, Beijing.


Following a shortage in vegetable supplies, currently China faces an over supply in the vegetable market. As a consequence a rapid decline in the vegetable prices is having a serious impact on the lives of farmers. It is said that this unexpected decline was the direct cause for some farmers to commit suicide. The Chinese government has taken actions to protect farmers from greater losses.




Young chicks and ducks


Young chicks and ducks for sale on a street in an area of Beijing that Chinese call “chengxiangjiehebu”. Literally translated “chengxiangjiehebu”  would be “city-country-combination-part”. It is the name for areas that make you feel you are in a small village in the countryside, except that they are usually surrounded by new modern areas with highrise buildings. In these chengxiangjiehebu you’ll find street vendors, golf plated makeshift buildings for commercial and residential use and many migrants from the rural areas in China.


The chicks go for 1 RMB each and for the ducks the offer is: 2 for 5 RMB.