Beijing, Buying and selling 2nd hand wine

“Recycle wine with high price”

“Collecting all kinds of ageing wine”


This vendor sells and buys 2nd hand wine. Actually, what Chinese refer to as “wine” is usually a distilled alcoholic beverage called BaiJiu with ErGuoTou and MaoTai as the best know varieties. Most BaiJiu is made of sorghum, a kind of grass.


A bottle of BaiJiu is often presented as a gift. Prices for the bottles that are popular as a gift, especially famous brands of MaoTai, are high; on average around 750 RMB per bottle.


With such high prices for bottles that are usually bought as gifts, creating a 2nd hand market is a clever business idea …




Beijing street fashion, ShiQiao ZhiJia


Ms. ShiQiao ZhiJia is Japanese. She stays in Beijing as a foreign exchange student at Peking University. Her major is Chinese.



Ms. ShiQiao ZhiJia bought the clothes she is wearing herself, except for the scarf. Her mother sent it to her as a gift.

She paid around 3,000 Yen (about 236 RMB) for the shirt,  2,000 Yen (157 RMB) for the shoes and 1,000 Yen (79 RMB) for the stocking. She forgot about the price of her pants.