About love, lust and leaders who are fierce as a tiger


“I love you”

“The sun rises in the East”

“Conditions are poor, environment is bitter”

“Our leaders are fierce as a tiger” (means that they are harsh on the people)

“Back to the Long March”



“I love … ”

“No parking”





“I love you”

“I wanna fuck women”

“I wanna play dick”

“What should I do with lust?”





A slideshow with the photos in larger format can be found on antonhazewinkel.com.


Beijing, Writings on the wall


This photo was taken in Beijing’s TuanJieHu Park. The translations of the readable writings on the wall are:




Liu Guodong (a person’s name)


Liu Haitao (a person’s name)


Love you my woman.


Han Wen (a person’s name)


I’m sorry.


About love, I did fucking try my best.

— Xiao Dai (a person’s name)


Han Wen, I’ll love you for all my life.


Zhan TianHao , Class 6 Grade 3 of junior high school


Give yourself a chance,

and you’ll be the happiest girl in the world!!!




I’m looking for a real man.


Youth is the erection of the reproductive material.


A fast …


Looking for a loose woman.


Looking for a girlfriend.


I love the stupid girl.


Gou Dan (dog egg –

many names with “egg” in it are used for scolding)


Oriental ability and integrity. DongFang DeCai

(most likely a man’s name) has no bright future.


River water



Beijing, Graffiti


Beijing is not a place where you will find a lot of graffiti, but on fences surrounding construction sites, graffiti artists are sometimes given the chance to show their artistic skills. These photos were taken behind the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital on the Heping Road.