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Anton Hazewinkel

Chinesense is a project of Dutch photographer Anton Hazewinkel. With photos and interviews he records the daily life of individual Chinese; most of the time in Beijing, and more recently in Nanjing.

The blog’s aim is to present and document contemporary China. Facts, photos and interviews are recorded “as is”, usually without opinion or comments. Short stories include detailed information on people’s hometowns, their family, their monthly income, the rent they pay or how much they spend on food every day. Occasionally fictional stories or videos are posted and, last but not least, there is always an emphasis on the photographic context.

For more photos of Anton go to his website: antonhazewinkel.com or go the a mobile friendly slideshow with a summary here: antonhazewinkel.com/summary/




Shahin M. Firoozmand

Shahin M. Firoozmand hails from Baltimore, Maryland in the United States.  After moving to Beijing in 2010, he has acted as a musical performer on Sanlitun’s Bar Street, a music teacher, SAT instructor, as well as translator and travel researcher.  His interest in China stems from an original fascination with Chinese philosophy and language and has since grown to encompass a wide range of disciplines.  The use of language as a medium for expression and experience as well as an ideological weapon figures prominently into his writing about China.  Recently, his linguistic and literary pursuits have targeted the fragmentation of discourse and disillusionment of China’s “lost generation” of young people.



Mark Hobbs

Mark has been an English teacher in China since the beginning of 2004, in that time he has taught English to first and second year University students in several cities across China, including Hangzhou, Huaihua, Guilin, Yantai, Chaozhou, Taiyuan, and most recently in Zhuzhou in Hunan. He lives with his wife and two daughters. Mark is originally from London, but grew – up in Melbourne, Australia where he worked (amongst other things) as a film director, graphic designer and artist.  He is currently building a home in a small coastal town in the southern Philippines, where his wife is originally from. He enjoys teaching (most of the time) but is now content to be a father and husband. Mark makes occasional contributions to Chinesense, giving another insight to “The Middle Kingdom”. His photography captures a China least seen.



Assistance and translations:

Zhu Ye

Li Yu

Sun Wenjie

Jin HaiYan

Chen Chi

Hu Yue

Qin YingHui

Ren Ning

Hearts and minds o…
By Anton Hazewinkel


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  1. John Turner says:

    Dear Anton,
    I have only just discovered your web site and would like to congratulate you for the documention on the lives of extraordinary ordinary people. I’m living in Beijing now and would like to meet you. I don’t speak Mandarin so am at a disadvantage when wanting to interview some of the people I have been photographing.
    Kind Regards,
    John B. Turner

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