Beijing, Street protest

Beijing, Street protest


BEIJING July 21, 2013. Two women with children are blocking traffic on the LiangMaHe South Road in front of the office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


I’m not sure what they were protesting about because, as soon as I started taking pictures, a plainclothes security staff approached me (he is visible in the background in one of the two photos, making a gesture to me to stop shooting). I walked away but he followed me and demanded I deleted the pictures. I ignored him, but he started pushing me. A few 100 meters further, just when he started pushing and blocking my way with more force, we passed the Dutch embassy. I pushed him away and said “zhe shi wo de dashiguan” (this is my embassy) and crossed the road, ready to enter the embassy.


Well, the embassy was closed on the Sunday, but he left anyway. Later I realized that in his view an incident of him harassing a foreigner in front of the CCTV cameras of the Dutch embassy was probably a bigger problem than me taking pictures of protesters on the street.



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