Nanjing, A Birthday Present


On the Baotaqiao East Street near the Yangtze River, stands a man holding a big framed oil painting, which is about 1.2 meter in length and 1 meter in width. The painting portrays one of his female friends, who celebrates her birthday today.


He spent almost 3,000 RMB for the painting. It is made by a graduate student from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. He tells that it is hard to have this student paint a portrait for you, for he is already famous and has his own studio.


“The girl in the painting is approaching, so why not take a photo of us together?” he suggests. He points to the opposite side of the road. We note that she looks much younger than the woman in the painting. He does not answer us but yells immediately to the girl: “Hey, they say that you are beautiful!”


When asked whether he often prepares such precious birthday presents for his friends, he grins and says: “I have few such female friends.”



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