I saw this poster on a public telephone booth in Gaobeidian, Beijing. It translates as follows:


Photo of the “6.28” Shooting Criminal Suspect

Features of the suspect: male, around 40, 1.7 meters tall, medium build, dark skin, X-type legs, does not speak mandarin very well. He’s unsociable and eccentric, quiet, likes to be alone and hardly has any contact with others. He always gets up early in the morning.


Literally translated ”走路外八” means “walking outside the eight” and my guess is that it refers to X-type legs. I googled it for videos on the subject to understand what type of condition of the legs was meant; only to find that the first search results were all about this suspect.


Here is a Chinese news report, dated January 9th, on the case: In summary the report is about a robbery with shooting that happened on the 6th of January in Nanjing. The victim died because of a shot in the head. Two days later the police uploaded a video on Weibo (Chinese Twitter). The video shows the suspect running away with 200,000 RMB taken from the crime scene. In total, the report says, he stole 480,000 RMB in 7 robberies. He made 9 victims; 7 of them died and 2 were seriously injured. The Nanjing police is hunting for the suspect with all available resources.


More info via other Internet sources:
“6.28” on the poster refers to a robbery with shooting in Changsha at June 28th, 2011. The man, Zeng Kaigui, is the suspect in this case. He is also suspected of robberies and shootings in Chongqing.
The police is offering a 300,000 RMB reward for anyone who can provide information that will lead to the arrest of the suspect.

Update August 13th, 2012: Many stories in the media today about a manhunt for the suspect in Chongqing. The name of the suspect now appears as Zhou Kehua in the media.



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