Beijing, Sponsored government promotion


These photos are taken along the road near Chaoyang Park South Gate, Beijing. The posters are sponsored by Solana, a modern lifestyle shopping center. Solana distinguishes itself from other shopping centers with a (southern) European style architecture. Western retail chains like Zara have an outlet in the center and it locates many foreign restaurants like French, Italian, Greek, Swiss and Arabian.


The text on the posters translates as follows:


(Photo above left) The army and the people are united as one and build the Great Wall of Steel (the latter is a metaphor indicating how solid and strong the country is)

(Photo above right) The army and the people make concerted efforts to turn Chaoyang (district) into a wonderful place.


(Photo below left) Love the army, better treatment for the army families, and strengthen the national defense; Support the policies, love the citizens and let Chaoyang district flourish.


(Photo below right, poster on the left) The Party, the army and the people work together to construct a world-class city.






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