Beijing, Dog meat



In Dongcuijia Cun, a village in a rural area of Beijing, we meet a man dissecting a dog. He is from a village in Guangxi province. According to the man, the former owner of the dog, in Hebei province, did not want to take care of the dog anymore and sold the dog for 500 RMB.


After dissecting the body, he puts pieces of the meat into a boiling pot, including the organs, to prepare them for consumption. The man offers us the dog meat for sale at 20 RMB per jin ( 1 jin = 500 grams).


We came across this scene while we were walking with Shanghai based blogger and photographer Sue Anne Tay. She wrote an interesting post on the same event:


The photos below are presented as thumbnails because of their potentially disturbing nature. They can be enlarged by clicking on it.







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