Beijing, Chinese New Year fair


A British band was playing at the Chinese New Year fair in Chaoyang Park, Beijing. The music did not create much enthusiasm among the crowd and the lead singer talked a lot. At a certain point the singer estranged himself even more from the audience when he revealed that “Chinese people weren’t too bad after all”.


In the meantime, during all the talking, a middle aged woman was standing alone in the crowd with her eyes closed. Slowly she started moving her feet and body on, what seemed to be, her imagination of the music that was about to start again. It was clear: she was ready to rock!



When the music started, she already looked like in a trance and she exploded into an expressive dance. Within a minute she attracted more than half of the audience, turning their back to the band, to watch her perform her solo dance performance.




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  1. Sascha says:

    what a gorgeous woman

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