Beijing street fashion, Ye Yingying


We meet Ye Yingying at the north gate of the Forbidden City. She is on a holiday in Beijing. Ms. Ye is studying at a secondary technical school in Guangzhou. She is in her second year and she wants to become a tour guide after graduation.



Hat: from Guangzhou; 56 RMB

Sunglasses: from the Forbidden City; 10 RMB

Scarf: from Guangzhou; 29 RMB

Sleeveless cardigan: from Guangzhou; around 45 RMB

Sweater: from Guangzhou; around 100 RMB

Skirt: from Guangzhou; 88 RMB

Shoes: from Guangzhou; 69 RMB

Bag: from Guangzhou; around 45 RMB


Ye Yingying tells us that all her clothes are in this price range.



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