Beijing, Fashion designer Luna


Luna is a fashion designer. She studied fashion design at the University of East London. Now she works 6 days a week, together with her assistant, in her studio at 180 Gulou street, Beijing.


Luna mainly designs evening dresses and wedding gowns. Sometimes, she also designs suits for men. Most of her customers are “upper-class”, such as actresses, business officials and fiancees who are about to marry a rich husband. She also has a lot of foreign customers, like diplomats. Luna likes to make clothes in the style of Tim Burton movies like “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Nightmare before Christmas”


Luna’s designs are quite expensive, they start from 5,000 RMB. Usually, her customers come to her studio to discuss their preferences. After talking to them, Luna will draw a few designs and then send them to the customer. When the first version of the chosen design is made, she usually needs to make small adjustments 3 or 4 times before the final piece is ready.


Luna is only interested in her own unique designs and she doesn’t care about market trends. It makes her feel freer not to follow trends. According to Luna, people in China don’t respect designers as much as western people do. Chinese buyers often demand changes without respect for the original design of the designer, However, Luna says she refuses any changes that are not in line with her own design.


Luna usually finds her inspiration in books, movies, traveling or from people she meets. Her designs are always romantic. She prefers to work with silk, because it follows the shape of the body and it feels nice on the skin.


When it comes to Chinese designers, Luna argues that most of their designs lack creativity and are merely following trends in Europe. They copy a lot. However, those copied works won’t bring them a big profit. She claims that they are just too lazy to create. Luna calls them “the takers”.


Maybe in the future Asian design elements will find a way into western designs, but at the moment Luna doesn’t pay attention to that. Her inspiration is mainly from western designs. As for oriental designs, she thinks that some Japanese designers have done a good job. People are able to feel their culture from their designs, which is a way better than Chinese designers who just simply put dragons and phoenixes on an occidental work and believe that it possesses Chinese distinctions.


Working 6 days a week, it’s not stressful. She doesn’t need to do physical work all the time. She spends most of her time thinking and designing.  Luna has been running this studio for two and a half year.  All in all, Luna feels disappointed when it comes to the opportunities for a fashion designer in China. However, it’s too hard for a Chinese designer to have a career in Europe, because most Europeans don’t have a high respect for Chinese designers and are not willing to admit their designs to the fashion scene.



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