Beijing, The JinLin Bathhouse


Jin Jun works in a convenience store in the LaiGuangYing area and Si JiaGui works in a bathhouse next to the store. These two places, together with a store for golf accessories, belong to the same owner.


The JinLin bathhouse opened around nine years ago. Business is not good anymore because many residential buildings have been demolished in recent years. Just a few customers are left in the area, but soon they also will have to move elsewhere.



Jin Jun lives in the area for over ten years.  He has no idea yet where he will go to when the bathhouse and the shops will be demolished.


During the daytime there are no customers anymore. In the evening they receive between 20 and 30 customers. It costs 10 RMB to take a shower or a bath.


The bathhouse has a male division and a female division. In the middle of the male division lies a big bathing pool. There are showers, a barrel for bathing, two tables for rubbing your back (or having it rubbed) and a sauna room. In the female division there is no bathing pool and bathing barrel. There is no toilet in the bathhouse. Customers who want to use a toilet have to go outside and use the public toilet.


Si JiaGui comes from Anhui and he has been in Beijing for four years. He says that, when business was still good in the bathhouse, they had over a hundred customers per day.


The bathhouse used to offer foot treatment and massage services, but it doesn’t have these services anymore.





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