Beijing, Mr. Wang and Mr. Niu


Niu Qingbin and Wang Dianhui are sitting on the street, drinking and chatting. They are both native Beijingers and speak with a heavy Beijing accent.


When they hear I’m from the Netherlands, the subject immediately changes to football. They watched the friendly match against Germany last night (from 3:30 to 5:30 am). They claim that everyone in Beijing is interested in football.


Niu Qingbin is 50 years old. He used to be a worker in a brewery and he could drink a lot.


Wang Dianhui is 58 and will retire from his job at the Beijing Heating Group in 2 years. He is looking forward to having time for climbing mountains and for travelling.


Mr. Wang is proud of his son, who is 30 years old. His son is an attorney and so is his wife. Mr. Wang says he was not successful himself, but it does not matter; “it is the next generation who lives up to our expectations”.


Before we leave, Mr. Wang states that it is important for a person to be down-to-earth and do something practical for fellow citizens.


Then they both say, in an earnest manner, that they hope that the photographer will learn more about lives in Beijing and that they wish he will show the various aspects of Beijing to the foreign world, because only introducing the real Beijing to the whole world will eventually help the society.







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