Beijing, FaTou Amusement Park


Mr. Hong is the manager of an amusement park in FaTou, Beijing.

He works in this amusement park for almost two years and worked in several others for the past 10 years.


Did you get a special kind of education for this work?

“Yes of course. All careers related to machines require technical skills. I studied machine maintenance.”


Can you tell a bit about the safety regulations in the park?

“Every single child entering this park must be accompanied by an adult or a guardian. Apart from that; we don’t have those huge and dangerous machines; everything here is for kids under 12 years old. So it is safe here and nothing too dangerous can happen.”


So the park is more focused on a child’s fantasy than on the thrill?

“You’re right. We don’t have those big and dangerous machines here.”



On a busy day when there are a lot of kids, what does your day look like?

“At weekends and during holidays it can be quite busy. It is my job to maintain a friendly atmosphere in the park. I would walk around to see if there is anything wrong. This job involves managing the workers and taking care of the safety of all the machines.”


What is the most popular place for the kids?

“The kids like the merry-go-round best, and during the summer they like playing with or in the water.”


When you were a kid, were you also very fond of amusement parks?

“When I was a kid we didn’t have such fancy amusement parks. I just played at home.”


Do you like the fact that you’re here with the same kind of music all day or can it become annoying?

“I don’t feel annoyed by the music. I kind of like it, because I like working in this industry.”


What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?

“I find the condition of the air is quite good here.”


Is it because of the trees?

“(…) and there is a lot to see. Maybe it is not enough, but the trees are good for one’s health. Every job can do harm to one’s health. Just imagine it. I used to trade building materials and it was not good for my health.”


How many people do you have to manage?

“About 3 to 6 people.”


So it’s a nice, small working environment?

“Yes. And my job is not tiring.”


Are you friends with your colleagues?

“I’m still their boss.”


What are your working hours in a week?

“From 8am to 6pm. We work every day of the week, without a break.”


Any break in the winter?

“No break in the winter. Holidays are the busiest time in this park.”







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