Beijing, Community Security


The police and the residents work hand in hand to create a safe community

The Community Security will serve you



Xinyuanli Police Station, Chaoyang Sub-Bureau of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau



Name: Gao Ruilin

Mobile Phone number of the community security:  13801028350

Call the police: 010-64674086   010-64674294




Tips from the police

(in Chinese all sentences do rhyme at the end; it sometimes looks a bit odd when translated )

Close the door and the windows, double check before leaving your house;


Ask for information of whoever knocks at the door, be cautious when suspicious;


Register when rent out a room, the background of visitors will be clear;


Be careful about water, electricity and gas, never be careless regarding leakages.


Bear in mind how to guard against fraud; the tricksters practice fraud with four tricks:

Hi-tech, money, false “prestigious doctors” and exchanging dollars;


Artful talks, intoxication, fortune-making and calamity prevention are outdated tricks.




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