PingYao, Preparing for the winter




At a home in PingYao coal briquettes are delivered for the winter.


Each cylindrical shaped briquette of coal weighs 1 kilo. The delivery of 800 briquettes is enough for heating and cooking during the winter in this household. They need up to 8 briquettes a day in winter. In the summer they use around 3 briquettes for cooking.


The price of one briquette is 0.5 RMB (5 mao). So, the costs for heating and cooking in the winter is 400 RMB.


The house has 2 rooms and a kitchen outside. One room has a stove. In the winter the stove from the outside kitchen is moved inside for heating and cooking in the second room.


According to the resident of the house (who asked not to mention her name in the blog) the heating in the winter is quite comfortable. Then she talks a bit about her life. She was born in Henan and moved to PingYao when her husband got a job in this town. Now her husband works somewhere else, but she has to stay because her children are still studying in PingYao.







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