Beijing, Mr. Guo Haibo’s Taekwondo School


Name: Guo HaiBo

Age: 24

Chinese zodiac sign: Rabbit

Education: I graduated from Beijing Sport University and majored in Taekwondo. I started learning Taekwondo when I was 10 years old, in grade 4 of the primary school.


Profession: I’m now a full-time trainer at the Botao Taekwondo Gymnasium, teaching classes for kids under 7, comprehensive classes for students over 7 and actual combat classes for people aiming at competitions. After my graduation, I went to Hangzhou first, and then I went to Shaanxi to lead a team. When I returned to Beijing, I began my teaching career. I’ve been a trainer for 2 to 3 years. There’re about 10 classes to teach a week.

Besides teaching students Taekwondo skills, I need to let them understand the Taekwondo spirit. Almost every Taekwondo gymnasium has 12 Chinese characters printed on the wall – propriety, a sense of shame, endurance, self-control and perseverance. “Tae” means attacking with the feet; “kwon” means defense; “do” refers to the Taekwondo spirit. For example, teachers and students must salute each other at the beginning and end of the class.


When you are at home, what is your favorite activity? What do you enjoy the most?

I like playing football and watching movies. My favorite football player is Henry of the France national team.


Name three of your daily routine activities:

If I have spare time after work, I play football at the playground in our community or at the nearby school every day. I’m a left forward. Surfing the Internet is another daily activity. Apart from that, nothing else really.


What is your favorite food?

I’m not particular about food. My favorite is beef.

As a sportsman, I can’t eat high fat food, like fried potato slices. I often eat high protein food like beef. I intentionally lose weight before matches to meet the standard. I won’t eat anything and run with clothes especially designed for losing weight.


How much money do you spend on food per day?

50 to 60 RMB per day.


Where is your hometown? (if not Beijing: do you miss your hometown? if so, what do you miss most?)

My hometown is Datong in Shanxi Province. I came to Beijing to learn Taekwondo when I was 13 years old. I don’t miss my hometown so much because I left it when I was very young. Now I’ve got used to Beijing. Sometimes, I would miss my parents. I miss my friends and grandparents in Datong most. By the way, I’m still single.


What is your most precious childhood memory?

The most impressive memories are not pleasant ones, such as the time I lost Taekwondo games. I planned to become a football player before, but I didn’t get admitted to a professional football team.

I chose to practice Taekwondo because Taekwondo was an Olympic sport at that time, whereas karate and other martial arts were not. I wanted to take part in more matches, so I chose Taekwondo. 80 percent of the Taekwondo skills are to attack and defend with legs and feet, while karate has more movements with arms and hands.

I’m a black belt, which marks the highest level of competence. My best achievements were 2 championships of the Shanxi province. I used to participate in the men’s 46kg category, but now I fight in the 64kg category.

Many Taekwondo matches are for specific ages. I’ll participate in whatever game I am allowed to. This year, there’re no games for my age, only some for primary and high school students.


What are the three most important things in life for you?

Sports including Taekwondo and football come first. My friends rank second and then my family.


What are, according to you, the values that one needs to live up to in life?

Nothing special. I just want to lead a normal life and build my own family.


Would you say you are a) happy  b) somewhat happy  c) somewhat unhappy  d) unhappy

I think I’m somewhat happy. Living in Beijing puts quite a lot of pressure on me, like the housing problem. But I have a stable job now and I enjoy living a normal life. Therefore, I’m somewhat happy.


What do you expect will the future bring for you?

I wish I can earn adequate money and go abroad to watch football games. Then I hope to buy a house of my own.

In fact, I want to be an athlete instead of a trainer. But because of injuries, I retired from top level competitions. I hope I can have my own professional Taekwondo team in the future and lead my team to take part in matches. However, first I need the buy a house in Beijing and earn enough money.


What is your religion?

I don’t have one.







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