Beijing, Security guards


Beijing’s Sanlitun area is packed with embassies and diplomatic compounds. Every few hours, when changing shifts, you see security guards marching through the street. Although it is easy to make photos of them (just shoot, if they object it will be too late and you just act as an ignorant tourist), I usually don’t. There are already thousands of good photos on this subject and it is unlikely that another photo will be more interesting than what has been done before. More important however, I feel reluctant because such photos, especially the security guards in front of the Mao portrait at the Forbidden City, have become a widely used cliché, representing the state controlled Chinese society. This blog tries to present a daily life in China with nuance; with stories on the individual lives and circumstances of Chinese citizens, with information on the little details in daily life, and sometimes with artistic impressions.


Anyway, I love the late afternoon shadows in Beijing and when walking down the road I quickly shot these passing guards.



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