Kowloon, TaiJiQuan (Tai chi)


When I saw this man performing his exercise, I didn’t feel like making a candid shot. Out of respect I guess. His movements were slow and very gracefully. I decided to sit down and watch him for a while. After 10 minutes I stood up and asked him if I could make some pictures and he immediately agreed. Unfortunately he was already tired of his exercise and the heat (well above 30 C°). After a few shots he had to sit down to take a rest. I got the impression that the wheelchair, visible in the background of the middle two photos below, belonged to him. In the wheelchair was a small radio tuned in on a channel playing old Chinese songs from the 50s and 60s.
I tried to talk to him in English and Mandarin, but he just gave me a friendly smile. I gave him my business card and returned a smile with the same meaning: “Nice to meet you and goodbye”.




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