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Chen Feng works for the company XingFuYaoLan as a trainer. She trains her students how to become a (professional) wedding host and wedding planner.


She tells that she graduated in 2000. During her college life she was an excellent singer and worked as a host at the same time. After her graduation she continued to be a wedding host. Four years ago she became a trainer and a wedding planner.


Next to the training (of future competitors), her company takes care of all aspects of a wedding. The photography and the video recording of the wedding, the make-up of the couple and the decoration of the environment; the organization of the wedding party, including a professional host; and flowers are important. Recently she had a client who liked elephants, so they arranged for a big elephant made of flowers.


These days weddings in China are mixed in style. They have both Western style elements and traditional Chinese elements. Less than 10% of the clients still want a traditional Chinese wedding, of which the costs are much lower by the way.


Normally they plan the wedding according to the client’s request, but the wedding planner takes into account what is most popular at the time and, of course, what budget the client has given them. For the biggest weddings they charge around 100,000 RMB and for the average wedding between 10,000 and 20,000 RMB. As a wedding planner you will have a small basic salary and commissions on each wedding project. A project can last as long as half a year, so planners work on several projects at the same time.


As a trainer, Chen Feng teaches her trainees how to become a wedding host. The training takes half a month, from morning until the evening. 80% of her students come from other provinces and want to learn about the latest wedding styles as Beijing is more fashionable then cities in the provinces. Not all trainees join the training to become a wedding host. For instance now she has a student who wants to improve his skills as a sales representative. He will learn how to make better use of his voice, improve pronunciation, how to tell a story or make announcements and how to use the right body language.


To stay up-to-date, Chen Feng reads a lot, not only about current developments but also about the ancient Chinese civilization. The interaction with her students helps her also to further develop and to recognize new trends.









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