Beijing, Mr. Li




Mr. Li  sells tobacco. Most of his tobacco comes from the Philippines. According to Mr. Li the best tobacco is produced in the Northeast of China, such as Jiaohe in Jilin and Yabuli in Heilongjiang. Mr. Li prefers the tradionally “air cured” tobacco because the taste is better than the industrially cured one. Young people like to smoke cigarettes; older people prefer smoking tobacco leaves.


Mr. Li starts talking about the future. He is very optimistic about China’s future. He is not worried about the economic impact of the aging population. Compared to the costs of taking care of one old person in Europe, a hundred Chinese elderly can be taken care of for the same amount of money. He thinks the overpopulation in the world is a bigger problem, but eventually a war would solve that problem. This is, according to him, inevitable as there are too many people in the world.



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