Beijing, Mr. Li



Mr. Li is from Beijing and has been a tour bus driver for about 10 years. He works in the Beijing area, driving around Chinese tourists. He does not drive foreign tourists. Buses for foreign tourists usually need a special authorization and these buses are generally cleaner and more advanced. Mr. Li’s pay is around 10,000 RMB per month. Drivers of foreign tourist usually make twice as much because of the tips they receive.

On his arm Mr. Li has some big scars. They are the result of tattoos that were removed. He had them removed before he applied for the army. Unfortunately he failed the medical exam for the army, but he does not regret he removed the tattoos.

It’s very hard to be admitted to the army. Not only the medical examination is strict, also the political examination and the research into the life of all your family members make it hard to become part of the army.





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