4 Responses to “Mr. Adili Jiang and the Art of Making Noodles”

  1. IMAM SIBAWEH says:

    Dear Sir
    Good day, My name Imam Sibaweh from Indonesia, i like to know what composition to make fresh noddle Lamian , and so interest how to make it success Lamian with hand, because i want to make lamian restaurant indonesia soup at my village , is there any special flour , Kindly reply to my email address: imam_sibaweh@yahoo.com
    Your help is highly appreciated
    Thanks & Warm Regard( Imam Sibaweh)

  2. Matt rodgers says:


    I have been cooking for four years …
    I enjoy it for its dedication
    Drive and need for composure you must enstill
    I’ve performed crazy ways to show my care
    One is I rode a bicycle across the united states to show food takes time
    And I’ll give mine..
    I desire to perform one type of craft in food for the next ten years of my life..
    And lamian is what I’m looking for
    Something u use your whole body and mostly hands.. I’m looking for an apprenticeship.. Someone to teach me.. I’ll work for free.. I just want to learn .. Please help..

    Thank you

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  3. lamianworld says:

    just discovered your blog. great stories and great photographs!

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