Beijing, Writings on the wall


This photo was taken in Beijing’s TuanJieHu Park. The translations of the readable writings on the wall are:




Liu Guodong (a person’s name)


Liu Haitao (a person’s name)


Love you my woman.


Han Wen (a person’s name)


I’m sorry.


About love, I did fucking try my best.

— Xiao Dai (a person’s name)


Han Wen, I’ll love you for all my life.


Zhan TianHao , Class 6 Grade 3 of junior high school


Give yourself a chance,

and you’ll be the happiest girl in the world!!!




I’m looking for a real man.


Youth is the erection of the reproductive material.


A fast …


Looking for a loose woman.


Looking for a girlfriend.


I love the stupid girl.


Gou Dan (dog egg –

many names with “egg” in it are used for scolding)


Oriental ability and integrity. DongFang DeCai

(most likely a man’s name) has no bright future.


River water



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