Beijing, Mrs. Zhao XiaoLi and Mr. Ren Qing


Mrs. Zhao XiaoLi and Mr. Ren Qing both live in a community in Beijing’s Fatou area. Mr. Ren Qing is retired and is, together with around 100 colleagues, doing cleaning work in the community. Before his retirement he had many different jobs, most of the time as a driver. He belongs to the Mongolian minority and his hometown is Jilingele in Inner Mongolia. Twenty years ago he moved to Beijing, because his wife is from Beijing. Now his whole family is living in Beijing. He misses his hometown every day. He misses his relatives and, well actually everything. Because of his age he does not visit his hometown as regular as before; only when he has to go for something very important.

Mrs. Zhao XiaoLi is also retired from a job in accounting. She moved to the community a couple of years ago. The price is not too high and she likes the colorful architecture and the many green trees and plants. In her spare time she often goes to the library in Chaoyang district to learn English. Her English name is Iris. She is not a grandmother yet. Her daughter is currently too busy with work to have a kid.




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