Beijing, Mr. Wu


Mr. Wu has a shop in an area of Gaobeidian where old traditions are preserved. He moved to this place recently. Before that he had a shop at the bird market in the south of Beijing. His main products are bird cages and bush crickets.

There are two kinds of bush crickets. One can be found in the wild during Spring and Summer. The other one is bred in captivity and is called the winter bush cricket.

The crickets are not expensive, between 10 and 50 RMB.

For choosing a good cricket one first has to pay attention to the color. The more pure the color, the better. The size of a cricket is determined at birth and cannot be changed by special diets. The second important characteristic is the sound. This is crucial. People buy the crickets for the sound. They put the crickets in their pocket and it starts singing when it feels warm. The perfect sound should not be sharp, but should be thick and should resonate.




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