Beijing, Mr. Wang YanZhao


Wang Yanzhao comes from Shenyang, Liaoning province. He is running a wholesale business for mink fur. His store is located near Yabao Road, an area where many (small and medium sized) foreign companies make their purchases for import into their countries. The area is also often labeled as the Russian area because of the many Russian speaking visitors and the many bi-lingual (Russian/Chinese) signs and ads.


Most of the mink fur in Wang Yanzhao’s store comes from China, Finland and Denmark. He mainly sells to tailors who process the orders of the foreign traders. All the fur comes from mink bred on farms. The most expensive fur in the store costs about 1,000 RMB per single skin .


It takes more than 20 skins of fur to make a long coat. The average mink coat costs around 15,000 RMB, but coats of different qualities have different prices.


Wang Yanzhao himself never wears a mink coat or any other kind of fur clothes. He says that people in the fur business seldom wear a fur coat.



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