Beijing, Migrant Worker’s Lunch

Beijing, Migrant workers having lunch


Mr. Zhou Quan and Mrs. Wu Guangying are a couple from Nanjing at Jiangsu province. They came to Beijing six years ago because all of their children got married and they had nothing else to do in their hometown. In Beijing they could find something to do and earn money. They cook meals for around 100 migrant workers that work on a construction site nearby.

mr zhou and mrs wu cooking for migrant workersMr. Zhou and Mrs. Wu live in the small kitchen that has a mattress on the floor in one of the corners. The room with thin walls has no heating, while temperatures in the Beijing winter are at night on average -10 degrees Celcius. They also have no TV or furniture.

Every day they get up between 3 and 4 am to prepare the breakfast. They cook porridge and steamed buns. After breakfast a cleaning lady comes to help clean the dishes and they start preparing the lunch.

They only have 3 large electric rice cookers, but that is not enough for cooking meals for 100 people, so they first cook 3 pots of rice and then another 3. They only provide one dish every time. It is mainly rice with some vegetables and just a little bit of meat.

In the afternoon the same procedures start for dinner.

migrant workers lunch 1

migrant workers lunch 2



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