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Ms. Hu works as a shop assistant at an optician where she started 2 years ago as an intern.

She works from 9am to 9pm in winter and to 9:30 pm in summer. The salary depends on the sales. Most of the time she can earn between 2,000 and 2,500 RMB per month.

The prices of glasses vary from 100 RMB to several thousands of RMB. Young people prefer plastic frames whereas older people like metal frames in gold, black or silver better.

Many people have problems with their vision and need to wear glasses. Like students who study too long every day. Elderly people often have presbyopia. Few of them, probably less than 1/3rd will go to opticians to have their eyes checked and buy presbyopic glasses. Most of them buy ready-made glasses. The Chinese social insurance system does not include the costs of glasses, but I believe, with the progressive development of the social insurance system, this may change in the future.

My favorite work is fixing frames. We do this for free.

Our business is doing well.



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